Why do we do what we do….

Hmm interesting rather bewildering topic…

I am generalising to a great extent here… but lets see how it goes…

I ask each one you reading this post..to give a thought to the upcoming questions
The questions……
For all of these questions.. ask yourself.. whether the decision was yours..and for your own benefit or was it influenced by somebody…or you decided to stay in the mad race and decided to do what others were doing

1.) Why did you study i mean go to school…college
2.) Why did you decide to take a particular subject in school .. college ….
3.) If you have done your higher studies… then why did you decide to study..
4.) Are you working right now.. if then why did you choose the corresponding line of work..
5) Why did you decide to work…
6.) How many times have you decided to do things.. because everybody else is doing the same..
Eg (its like everybody is getting into IT so let me get into it..)
7) Why do you want to marry…why have people married..ask your parents if they know why they married..
( Any other answer other than companionship would do..please dont insult your current friends.. )
8.) Why do you want to make money.. why do you want to be comfortable…why do you want a car… why do you want a house…

Ask yourself the following final question and genuinely answer it…

Is everything which has been decided by you.. or for you ( by somebody else…) so that you can remain happy…and to convince yourself that your own fears of insecurity can be driven away, if you followed what everybody around you…did
Are you happy now…
Ask yourself this… how many times have you obtained something which you had wished for…
How happpy you were when you got what you wished for..and for long that happiness persisted…
Most often… whatever.. you ended up getting ..which made you happy, how soon did it end up making you sad.. depressed..irritated.. wondering why you wished for it in the first place..

What is the secret of happiness….Why is that we cannot sustain happiness..hmm would you like to know..


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by venkatesh on October 19, 2005 at 10:27 am

    good to find that u r introspecting………..but nothing more than that……. this is not my close friend i have known for 14 years………


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  3. Posted by Sandeep Senan on June 13, 2008 at 7:23 am

    I think Humans are designed for pursuing a higher state each time they realize something and thats what keeps them happy,but that again is the cause of what all u had discussed..what do u think


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