Ranjiths last spanking

Ranjith was anxiously waiting for his 6th standard annual exam results. For the first time in his life he had been allowed to study on his own. He knew heart in heart he hadnt done well. Ranjith was a pampered kid, he had a status to keep up to in his flat. He knew his parents and neighbourhood grandma would eagerly be waiting for his results.
Kamala teacher called out his name, he went and collected the report card. Kamala teacher looked at him disapprovingly. Ranjiths heart panicked, it was racing fast. He kept his report card to his chest, went to the corner of the class room, slowly opened it.

The report card read –

MATH 1 35/50 —————————————————
MATH 2 36/50 —————————————————
Total —————————————————71/100
Science 1 40/50 ————————————————
Science 2 41/50 ————————————————
Total —————————————————81/100

He was shocked, ranjith the class topper of 5th standard, who had never got below 95 till then, had got marks in the lowly 70’s and 80’s. He didnt know which was worrying him more,the low marks or the reaction of his parents and the neighbourhood grandma.

He just didnt want to show the report card to anybody, wanted to runaway. His best friend balaji was already asking him the marks, shaking ranjith. Ranjith replied “Maths low da, only 91, science also bad only 91”.
Balaji said ” oh….. awesome da, i got only 69 in math and 75 in science “.

Managing a very weak smile, ranjith urged balaji to walk back with him. On there way home, Ranjith was lost in thought, what was he going to tell his parents. Suddenly a voice called out “Ranjith ranjith how much ??” It was ranjiths father, he was with mani uncle. Ranjith was thinking “i cant let my fathers prestige go down in front of mani uncle” , also balaji was right next to him. He put on a sorry face and said ” daddy only 91 in math and 91 in science “. His father face had a big smile, he said “thats my boy” and drove away.

He finally entered his apartment gate, now he had lied to two people, he decided to continue with it. He opened the lift gate, pressed No 3, reaching the third floor he closed his pen cap and now ran to his house, shouting ” Amma maths 91, science 91 “. Neighbourhood grandma, came out and remarked, “well done my boy, i know surely you will get into iit”. He proudly opened his report card and showed it to her, in the process convincing himself,
that he had done the right thing, after all his parents and neighbourhood grandma were happy.

Ranjiths report card read

MATH 1 35/50 —————————————————
MATH 2 36/50 —————————————————
Total —————————————————91/100
Science 1 40/50 ————————————————
Science 2 41/50 ————————————————
Total —————————————————91/100

His father came back with a huge diary milk chocolate. He also had a look at the report card, suddenly ranjith realised the blunder he had done. He panicked, he knew his father would find out. He waited for people to get back to their routine. He went inside his room at 1 after lunch, took out his pen, started changing the individual subject marks also. Suddenly his mom enters and asks ” Ranjith what are you writing on the report card “. He blurted out, ” Nothing mom, just scribbling “. His mom got annoyed and called out to his dad, ” Ranjith is writing in the report card, check what he is doing “. ranjith knew he was trapped, he reluctantly handed over the report card. After ten minutes Ranjith was shouting ” I wont do it again, sorry appa, please dont hit me, dont ouch …..”. Time was 6:30, Ranjith woke up, went outside his room, went upto his father and told “sorry, i wont do it again”. That was the last time ranjith ever did any mischief in his life, also the last time he ever got spanked.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sandeep Senan on June 13, 2008 at 7:21 am

    wow..just got me remembered my school days,when i was in 7th standard..had got 72 in one of the subjects..the least marks i had got till that date…and GOD..it still sends me a shiver..


  2. Posted by Abhay Karnataki on October 13, 2008 at 9:28 am

    nice story…!


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