Karans Dilema.

Karan was extremly happy, he had just passed out of Indian Insititue of Management Ahmedabad, at 26, a salary of 20 lakhs/annum, he felt on top of the world. He remembered the days of his first job, where day in and day he had slogged out, for Rs 20000/month. He had felt extremly frustrated, didnt or never had money at the end of the month. Even on weekends, he had worked for nearly a year & half, but somehow money never was with him at the end of the month. To compensate for all this work, to get rid of the accumulated stress, used to blow money on entertainment and hang out with friends. Finally he thought he is going to buy his dream house, dream car, live a dream life… people all around would respect him.. he couldnt wait for the first day of his office.
Six months had passed, since his first day in number one consulting company of india. Karan was smiling no more.. the freedom he had dreamt of was no longer there. He had such huge responsibilities, reporting to 2 senior vice presidents was really a handful. Karan had no idea how to handle their egos, and often was caught in situations overloaded with work & overlapping deadlines.
He was used to slogging out, he was thrilled to see his first months salary…but now he started asking himself this question… 2 year of slogging out in IIM, got me here.. i wanted the best in life.. i have it with me… Amazing job, Amazing car, Amazing house

(which he had planned to buy taking a loan.) , but still i have no freedom. Am i really doing what i want to do in life. Not one person in my office is happy. I see a bunch of senior vice presidents who refuse to accept that they are frustrated… whose sole aim in life is to work and work to earn money so that they can improve there life style…My own seniors and juniors are working and working only for money.. they can be better of by starting on there own… such talents each one of them have….but they are not doing it. At age 50 i can own my own company, am sure will be rich… or i would be one of these senior management players… but is this what i want to do…The education which i got, has trained me to get a job, to survive but not to live my life the way i want it. Is the only goal in my life to work to get money, get a 3-4 bed room houses,marry, have kids, …..he pondered.

Are you guys in a similar position…..want to add lot of punch to this story have been editing rediting this story for nearly 8 days now… am just not happy with it.. please do drop in comments if you have experienced similar situations in life.. how could this story have been made better…I wanted it to be an impact story.. which makes people think is this what i want in my life..but i dont think it conveys the message


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by amit on August 1, 2008 at 5:28 pm

    …may be u need to add some heavy words which make an impact!!

    …i read a novel called “the goal” which in the beginning described similar situation of a person…
    ….may be try reading some books…to get the flavour of writing..
    …anyways i am also planning to start my blog…


  2. Posted by Manoj on August 4, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    first of all if u wanna address the issue n engage the target audience u shud make sure tat u choose the right character 2 narrate his/her experiences…cos the readers l view the story thru the eyes of the protoganist….i seriously doubt whether an iim grad l face such issues…cos he/she always has the choice of shiftin jobs…n more or less ppl r happy with the kinda responsibilities they get n enjoyy…so such issues do not arise here…

    second of all…u try n come up with some incidents tat wud make a person feel like wat u hav described here….cos i hav not come across ppl who have the best in life n yet long 4 smth else…n i doubt ne of us here l b able 2 help on this…

    last of all..its up2 u 2 come up with the story..the plot…the characters…n try n make an impact on our lives…;)


  3. Posted by Bharath on November 20, 2008 at 6:55 pm

    well i can kind of empathise with karan..though i m no whr close to being in such a responsible position earning such a huge sum,i knw for sure that i ll not be happy if at all i end up in a job like karan’s….probably u can talk about the missing ingredient in karan’s definition of happiness..for an outsider it may seem like he has everything..the void which karan feels can be filled only thru service spirituality etc which is indispensable to complete the circle of happiness…probably u can imagine karan as sitting dead in the office cabin(in case he is not a real character :)) at the age of 50 due to a massive heart attack….lol…karan dies in complete formals and as an executive with a massive bank balance….but is this wat he lived forr????


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