What is Grace ??

I am sure in your life you must have encountered somebody in your life, who has spoken to you about miracle happening or heard about a miracle phenomenon happening else where. Most likely when you heard this you intellectualize and say “how could this happen” …..

Well to me miracles i.e grace is flowing every moment in our life, keeping us alive and kicking.
To explain grace… hmm that experience of divinity which takes over your life and makes you feel grateful. Lets see how miracles are happening every moment of our lives, shall we…

hmm you need a bit of visualization power for this……keep asking yourself the questions…

When do you usually get up rather,when do you know you are awake…….
Assume you get out of the bed at 7, but you know you are awake much before than that, you have your eyes closed and you keep thinking of the past or the future..i.e what happened yesterday or what is going to happen today etc

Then you get out of the bed, hopefully you brush your teeth, while brushing what is going on..you keep thinking of something or the other.. right….

Are you really focusing on brushing the teeth…..it just happens isnt it…

Then you have a bath, while bathing your mind again is thinking of something else continuously. Now you finish your bath without even knowing you have completed it. Have there been times when you go for a head bath and come out without having one 🙂
How many times have you forgotten to take the towel 🙂

Anyways next is you sit down to eat, while eating you are either talking with somebody or watching tv or thinking about something.

Say the time taken for you to get ready is 2.5 hrs, from the time you wake up to the time you step out of the house, what has your mind been doing, thinking, and you are hardly aware of it. If somebody asks you what you have been doing you say getting ready to go to office or school or college. You would not even remember about the various thoughts which you have been thinking about.

So far work has been happening without you even paying attention to it…i.e without you even focusing on what you are doing.
So far nothing dangerous happened….

Now you take your bike or car out. You are travelling in the bike and what are you doing….

again thinking.. thinking about something which you are not even aware of. Imagine you are almost driving the bike or the car with a blind fold. Interestingly there are 1000’s of other motorists who are also driving the bike,car,trucks,buses who keep thinking of something or the other, basically not focussed on the roads, nor the traffic, thinking about their past or the future…..with utmost unawareness….

Having no idea from where the thought is coming from, having no idea that they are thinking about the thought…..holding onto it…..

Let us take the following situation, imagine a small 100 sq feet room; In this room if we were to allow automatic small toy cars to just run, say 20 of them. You start them of and they just go, these toy cars have no idea about where they are going bascically no control of there lives, these toy cars would definitely dash against each other within a matter of mins isnt it.

Now you are also driving the bikes and cars on the roads… having no clue to what you are thinking…. absolutely not focussed on driving and there are a million other people who are doing the same. Isnt it a miracle that you go to your destination and come back unaffected.

Do you realise what i am trying to convey… Do you realise every moment of your life you are protected….you have absolutely no control over your life…….

If not wake up to this reality…..grace is flowing every moment in our life.. just wake up and observe….feel grateful


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  1. Posted by Priya on August 24, 2008 at 7:10 am

    Good one…. When you look at it.. Imagine how many people are dying becasue of road accidents. If you are just thinking about something else there are other people who are affected!! Keep this in mind and be aware and drive safe. And one more thing if you need to reach a place by 10 dont think about the same thing and go fast. Rather leave early and drive safe without worrying and thinking about how you would reach the place on time


  2. Posted by Ashwin on August 30, 2008 at 11:36 am

    i came to understand something da.. its jus stupidity to try and understand anything.. cos everything in life is based on a few assumptions and some of them worse than others.. the point is.. there is no point!! jus live and get it done with… i am a part of the bigger picture and i will play my role.. whatever role, life is throwing at me. BUT true… there is some power taking care of us. i totally agree with u!


  3. Posted by Aparna on September 4, 2008 at 3:24 pm

    eh y not write for yes!+ blog also 🙂 🙂 such kinda experiences

    Jai Gurudev!


  4. Posted by Rangesh on September 4, 2008 at 5:22 pm

    nor snag….this is not to find fault but just a clarification that i want from ya….I am completely in conformity wid you when u say this life itself is grace, but is it that type of grace wherin we are just passive recievers? Are all things set for us by the Omniscient even before we know it ? is life so pre determined that human endevaor plays no role in shaping our own lives ? going thru the passage that is the feeing i get… and i feel it s a counter factual thought _ the thought of grace being the only mover of this world, with no room whatsover for human striving . IF that be the case why are some happy and others sad, some rich and others poor , some tall others fat….dark … fair…that can only mean tweo things : either God is being partial in giving out His/Her Grace(This is too stupid to be true ) or that human endeavor does matter and determines who deserves the Grace more. In which case your analogy between human beings and toyu cars is entirely inappropriate for it is human action/ karma that decides whos is more worthy of a greater share of that Grace – we Can say that Grace is like a waterfall – impartial in its abundance and ever present and toys have no intellect opf thier own to perform karma …… so pls clarify that point : is human endeavort zilch or is it the most decisive thing for liberation?


  5. please read my other post beyond logic and intellect.


  6. Posted by Venkatesh on September 5, 2008 at 5:38 am

    Super article da


  7. Posted by Rangesh on September 5, 2008 at 8:16 am

    Went thru it …still doesnt answer my question " My point was human striving is neccesary for procuring grace and one is alwyas tiwed tu ones actions, even liberation which is achieved by complete renunciation , which leads tu cessation of all action, i itself an action ….so it s my view that human striving is equally neccesary tu partake of that grace …..
    And wrt tu ur posting on logic and intellect : IT has been accepted principle that intellect is inherent tu achieving bliss Infact it s a part of the ultimate blis : sat-Chit-Ananda ..ity corresponds tu Chit…..In fact It s possible tu go beyond dat – dat s beyon knowledge, bliss and truth – Daasts when one bcomes brahman himself – I don think our contemporepy life stylres and we being wat we are and our aspirations being wat they are wud allow us tu strive for it >>
    So for anything less than bcoming ultimate Godhead intellect is absolutely neccessary ..
    on any day it s more usefull than unquestioning faith .
    Believe not because some old manuscripts are
    produced, believe not because it is your national belief, because you have been made to
    believe it from your childhood; but reason it all out, and after you have analysed it, then,
    if you find that it will do good to one and all, believe it, live up to it, and help others to
    live up to it"
    – Buddha

    I think dat sums up why ibntellect and reason are important !


  8. until you transcend the intellect you will keep pondering, deciphering words. Its not about the english language, its about the words used and meaning you attach to it, to which you keep pondering. Untill you have the experience which only a guru can give you will be stuck where you are. Even though you have given a definition of karma, you still dont understand it fully do you. Its too complex to be comprehended by the intellect alone. I am not saying intellect is unneccesary, it has its part to play. But just stuck in the intellect you would continue on and on for centuries without answers just like the various philosophers have been doing for ages.

    Well you may call it parroting or whatever you want, its the truth without a guru in your life you will never be able to transcend the intellect and you will be stuck in your world of theories and concepts read through various books.

    Truth is not logic, its not single dimension, its illogical basically multi dimensional , and you have no idea how many dimensions exist. With your intellect mathematically atleast all you can comprehend is 3 dimensions, say at the max 4th dimension. What about dimensions which exist which you do not even know exisit.
    It is utter foolishness to expect answers to such deep questions in the form of words, for you to understand intellectually. In fact the fact that you have read about them and still dont have clear cut answers, is the proof answer lies beyond words. It has to be experienced…:)

    Conversation ends here, For an answer which is beyond words, you are expecting to be answered through words.. I wish you bol keep searching …..


  9. Posted by Manoj on September 11, 2008 at 7:27 pm

    if anythin n everythin is 2 b answered n understood thru experience n not thru words then wat is the point of ur blog???? a gud blog shud stimulate discussion n debate…n since u hav undergone experience u shud b able 2 encapsulate them n brief us thru ur blog…if u cant do tat then no point in us readin it!!!


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