Dream come true train journey

Filled with excitement Sekar packed his bag for his first train journey to coimbatore to meet his cousin. He was in 2nd year engineering, very proud of the thick mustache on his face, felt great about his new found freedom, yes finally he was an adult. He boarded the bus, and started thinking about his trip, who will he travel with. Being 20 years old, it was not surprising as he started to dream about 5 girls accompanying him during the night trip and him having the greatest time of his life. Sekar arrived at the station, in platform 3 his train was waiting. With excitement, he walked towards his coach number.

He saw the chart, and was stunned for a moment, all the names were of girls, he pinched himself and with a flurry entered the coach. His heart skipped a beat and he rushed to his seat no.In his hand was a Barrons Gre book, as any other kid, sekar thought reading a GRE book in front of everybody was a cool thing to do, and obviously show his intellectual side. He reached the seat number 62, he saw 2 aunties and 2 girlie kids sitting. In his excitement he had obviously forgotten to see the ages. Slowly reality dawned on him and he sighed and sat down. He opened the GRE book and pretended to read it. Then she came, his eyes lit up, her name was sharon, she was wearing shorts and was dressed modernly. Our hero obviously got excited, but continued on with his sophisticated reading.

As the train started moving, a friendly conversation started during dinner, it turned out that the two aunties were sisters, two girls their respective kids and sharon was a cousin. He climbed onto the upper birth, and in the other climbed up sharon. Smiling at each other, both of them started talking. It turned out Sharon studied in a local engineering college. A nice friendship developed in the span of the next 3 hours. The talks ranged from the plight of engineering colleges to politics to girlfriends, boyfriends. He found out that she had a boy friend studying in the same college.This would have gone on all night, had it been for the grumy uncle who got up and started yelling. Though they continued whispering, the grumpy uncle got grumpier.

As it dawned, and train reached destinations, the two overnight friends exchanged phone nos, promising to meet in coimbatore. Sekar was getting bored at his cousins place, …..aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh have been wanting to complete this story for more than 6 months now.. absolutely short of creativity now….one of u am sure can complete this…


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  1. Posted by Aparna on March 18, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    ha ha ha.. !

    Thats. a nice start…!


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