An inspiring session with Dr Arun shourie and Mr Venkaiya naidu – Part 1

On May 2nd, in the evening 5:30-7:30 attended a meeting organized by an organization called the friends of the bjp.
I am not a bjp supporter, but am leaning towards it, because i am forced to choose between only these 2 and i believe the bjp is lesser of the two evils.

The meeting was very well organized, and was attended by a crowd of 1000 odd intellectuals. Mr venkaiya Naidu and Dr Arun shourie address were brutally frank, extremely witty, quite dramatic and had the audience in raptures of shock, fun, and awe. An example – When Mr Venkaia Naidu was asked by a journalist 3 strengths of congress, he replied.
a) People still think the “CONGRESS” movement pre independence and the current congress govt are the same. They are not able to differentiate between the two.

b) People are led to believe that the current gandhi family belong to and are related to Mahatma Gandhi without having an iota of clue that all of them have conveniently adopted the gandhi surname, conveniently forgetting surnames of khan, vadra etc.

c) Dont realise dynasty politics is nasty for them.

Anyways what inspired me most about the program was the earnestness of the friends of bjp organization. Here were a group of 5 people who 3 months ( after the 26/11 attack) ago decided enough was enough, no more congress govt, formed an organization, which has grown from 5 to 60000 strong membership in just 3 months. The good part is that they are not blatant followers of bjp but would also act as a watch dog. I am told that the on May 7th shri Lal krishna advaniji is coming to chennai. Hope more youth, attend the meet. I would ask you to attend even if its a friends of congress, just to get a perspective on what the leaders of the respective parties are sharing.


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  1. Posted by eods on May 4, 2009 at 5:12 pm

    Do watch shouries videos on you tube and you will realise the difference between BJP’s apporach to terror and COngress’s approach


  2. Sahi hai yaar…
    Do they have a branch in Bangalore…

    Hey and I see you have nested replies in this theme! how did you get it! I generally haven’t seen nested replies in blogosphere!


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