An inspiring session with Dr Arun shourie and Mr Venkaiya naidu – Part 2

Dr Arun shourie pointed out humorously as to why Advaniji keeps calling the prime minister a weak PM. He was also answering to the criticism,  “Advaniji is abusing the prime minister by calling him weak”.

The current congress government has two DMK party members as Union Cabinet Ministers –

T R Balu – Minister of state for Shipping, Road Transport and Highways.A Raja – IT and Communications minister.

Interestingly the ads in tamil nadu regarding elections carry the message

“ we gave you re 1 rice, vote for us “

The advertisement makes people believe that the contest is between DMK and AIADMK and its a state election.

Dr Shourie pointed out that DMK cannot really talk anything about the above mentioned central ministers achievements. There names have been notoriously dragged in scams. Dr Arun shourie continued saying Dr Manmohan singh in his capacity as prime minister did not take action on the tainted ministers ( for instance spectrum scam) which is he why he was being called weak. He further clarified that abuse means maltreatment; corrupt practice; foul language or to say something which is not true. For instance calling a strong person weak, but here Mr Lal krishna Advaniji called a weak person a weak person; What was wrong in that. 🙂

I had called a couple of my students of my courses and friends  to come and attend the meeting, just for the exposure. It was extremely disappointing that some didnt turn up citing why would one need to attend a political meeting. Every body wants to do something for society but sit on there butt and make nice dosa. Where ever i meet students i only see Lord Maculays system of education at work and he seems to have won.

On May 7th both LK Advani and Sonia Gandi are in town, if you happen to be in town attend both or atleast one of the meetings. Put yourself through various experiences in life, expose yourself to exposures, then life becomes interesting. I request you to do this and definitely vote as a responsible Indian Citizen.

Jai Hind




4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by eods on May 5, 2009 at 10:52 am

    i wish the video of the speech was on youtube.


  2. but where is rice available for 1rs. may be on ration card is it. I have never bought anything on ration card. Yeah unfortunately Mr. Manmohan Singh is too tied up to do anything which the party doesn’t approve.

    Yes all youth should go out there and ask questions. They can definitely ask one question to those who have been in ruling party :- what have you done in last five year? And for the promises they give, ask, why haven’t you done that already in last five years!

    I saw all 6 files of Narendra Modi’s talk in Chennai and felt it very inspiring:-

    The talk is filled with serenity and positivity and confidence.

    Good politicians and governers do exist!


  3. where are the meetings held. and why keep using the same phrase”sitting on the butt ” use something original.


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