An inspiring session with Dr Arun shourie and Mr Venkaiya Naidu – Part 3

Mr Venkaiya Naidu said, If i ask for rights for hindus then i am communal, the party is communal, people who come out and say first privilege to minorities are secular. He clarified saying the bjp stands for equal rights for all religions. He also pointed out that the biggest problem for the Hindus (who incidentally are the majority in this country) are hindus themselves. The uniform civil code rule which BJP wanted to implement, neither Muslims or Christians had a problem, hindus only protest in the name of secularism.
He mentioned that people have a problem with him saying bharat and not india, he replied my problem is why they are calling it india and not bharat. Bharat, hindustan is the land where hindus, muslims, christians and people of various caste, creed, sex live harmoniously together. Bharat is a land of rich culture and spiritual heritage, where people practised a certain way of life which came to be known as hinduism. If i say hindustan does it mean land of hindus only he asked.
If i say Jai hind does it mean Victory only to hindus. He continued further saying in the name of secularism people are opposed to singing the Cry of Vande Matram. This one song/cry/phrase which was instrumental in inspiring so many freedom fighters and pushing ahead the freedom movement across india. He said BJP was totally opposed to this pseudo secularism.

I enjoyed the speech thoroughly wish i had recorded it. My last part of the speech will conclude with why i want to vote for BJP and not Congress.


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  1. yes, the word secularism has very different dictionary meaning. it started then as a simple harmony between all religions, then it became pampering and appeasing the minorities, then the color changed to giving more opportunities and resources to minorities, and further it changed to hating and detesting minorities.
    such pseudo secularism needs to be brought down.


  2. Posted by Aparna on May 8, 2009 at 1:58 pm

    Great blog template! and blog pic! 🙂


  3. All that is well & good. But I have no idea why changing the name to Bharat is significant & how that could help the country.. Then again, changing it ain’t gonna hurt the country either. That is probably why I’m voting neither for Congress nor for BJP, haha! Political parties these days have completely messed up priorities..

    Anyway, good to see that you are blogging again.. Have fun, take care..


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