The One which shook me – Part 1

This happened 3.5 years back, i had then done 3 advanced courses. As anybody else i had an awesome time in the advanced courses, had felt absolutely great after it, but had no idea what the course was all about. 😉 ; Meaning really didnt get what the hollow and empty was, sensations of love, hatred, feelings etc had absolutely no clue where they existed :). You should have done the advanced course to enjoy what i am going to share next.

I was at the peak of volunteering, and as any of you have volunteered for AOL can testify, where there is no hierarchy – hurting egos and chaos reigns.

Due to turn of events, i happened to develop such a rage, hatred for a fellow volunteer. ( My background: during my college days is i have hit a person with a cricket bat, if it had connected on the persons head where i originally intended to, i guess i would not be typing this post 🙂 ).  I was seething in rage in the office where i worked. I was to see the entire yesplus gang in Adyar for the satsang, in evening and my only objective was to bash up this person, embarrass him, admit him to the hospital, may be even kill him. Like a possesed hero or villain in a typical indian movie i sat on my TVS champ and drove at 45 km/hour breaking every law possible. My rage reflected on the accelerator. Was giving my 100% like never before. My  Body, Mind, Breath, Intellect, ego  was totally in sync, plotting this persons downfall. Every cell in my body was filled with hatred (The only thing i didnt do was have the wicked villan laugh). As i neared my destination i saw the person standing outside the venue of the satsang. As i was about to unleash my fury on him……..

Read it in part 2 🙂


4 responses to this post.

  1. Not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Posted by Nanddeep on June 8, 2009 at 9:10 am

    And then???


  3. Real time experience… always valuable…

    Prasanna, please keep inspiring other people whole YES+ gang to read the guru story blog and send there guru stories. we have sankalpa of 100000 stories together… and with all the people puttting there part it would be very easy



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