Pasanga – Movie Review

After seeing this movie just couldn’t but write the review. After a long long long time a realistic, heartening, neat, clean tamil ( in fact an indian) movie. I would highly recommend it to every one. Director must be really appreciated for making a 3 hr movie in which there is no violence, no sex, no unneccesary emotional scenes,no vulgar stuff, not even a belly button show. The movie takes one back to primary school days, reminding the naughty naughty mischiefs,  the innocent conversations, cute smiles, macho fights …..

Poster says it all

Poster says it all

The movie starts of by introducing 3 notorious kids (seen in the poster), one of whom jeeva ( son of class teacher) is the self proclaimed don of the government school, his two side kicks  i.e the other two kids do an excellent job of pumping his ego throughout the movie. Enter Anbuku arasu the hero of the movie, a new entry into the govt school to challenge the supremacy of jeeva. Anbuku arasu picks up a fight with jeeva on the first day, and thus starts the enemity in jeevas eyes.  Jeevas childish ego, anbuku arasus innocence, earnestness is beautifully bought out in every scene.  Adding fuel to the rivalry is that they are neighbours, one richer than the other. The fact that Jeevas “morai ponnu” (studying in same class ) likes anbukarasu  helps in supplying steady fuel to the fire. To make things worse their respective fathers have a fight,  twist in the story comes when anbukarasus cousin brother and jeevas elder sister fall in love with each other. How the story unfolds, Are the two lovebirds going to get married or not, Will Jeeva and Anbukuarasu ever become friends is for you to find out.

A must watch movie for all of you, definitely with your parents especially your father and definitely with friends ;). Guarantee you will come back thinking abut your school days, with a smile on your face and maybe even a tear.


2 responses to this post.

  1. nice review- i’m going to see it soon.


  2. Posted by KK on July 20, 2009 at 6:31 am

    hmm..was postponing this movie for a long time… have been hearing a lot of mixed reviews… shall chk it out soon anyways…


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