humbling lessons

Ever since i moved to bangalore, i have hardly been in bangalore :). Was taking treatment for a stiff stressed back in SriSri AyurVed hospital for 8 days. Was also in Manipal for 5 days, took a course 🙂 there. Finally have settled in BTM layout for the next 1month.

In the hospital, the treatment would be over by 12 Noon. It used to be for 1.5 hours only. The remaining 15 hours i had nothing to do. It was an utterly boring experience. I was told at the end, that the philosophy of AyurVeda would be to bore you so much that the disease runs away from you :). Am not kidding here.

Now this hospital i was there for 8 days and my total bill came to Rs  2650, including boarding, lodging, treatment. The consultation fee is Rs 2. Was wondering how the hospital is able to sustain its operations. Well spoke to the security guards, receptionists, therapists. Thats were the humbling lessons began.

There were two security guards. Ram from bihar, another from rajasthan. Both were around 20 years of age. They had families to support.

They exuded such innocence in their smiles. I thought to myself what i wouldnt do for such a radiant smile. They were working 7 * 12 hrs, because they wanted to do service. They were both YLTP boys (Youth Leadership Training Program), i asked them why were they here, they said because they wanted to be near to guruji. Devotion at its innocence best. Then i met the receptionists, 2 of them, bidisha from dubai was one of them, the other person was from kerala. Bidisha was leaving to dubai to meet her husband after 7 months, she had come to the ashram to do service. I was utterly shocked at the devotion, of these people.

I used to think that i was doing something for my country, sometimes an attitude of arrogance  used to come in my way of speaking, saying i am better than you, i am doing much more than you. Watching these unsung heroes of our country, was indeed a humbling experience indeed.



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  1. Loved the Ayurveda methodology!! hahaha!

    Yeah the devotion of local fellow countrymen is astounding! I was similarly thrilled being to Tirupati when I saw them standing in queue, singing “Govinda Govinda Go~~~vinda!” Faith and Devotion is their backbone…


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