Head vs Heart – Conflict at its peak

The good thing about running your company is you cant afford to be idle. For the entire day, you listen to people, make documents, make presentations, somebody or the other meeting you etc. The moment you are free your mind starts planning, oooofffffff. By end of 8 hrs you are extremly fatigued. Dont want to talk, nor listen to anybody. In fact on one day mind was chattering so much, my attempt to smile and bring it in the present moment ended up in a total fiasco. I couldnt move my face muscles, they werent responding the way i wanted them.

The best part about doing hectic things is you get to learn so much, every day is filled with so much activity. Even better part is that i get so stressed that i have no choice but do atleast two hrs of sadana every day. Atleast 1 hour of meditation every day. Every break i get, say like when i am travelling to office or from office i am either listening to rudram or chanting om namah shivaya.

As i come back from office and take a break from my chattering mind, heart starts working. I miss the seva, i miss the courses, so badly want to become full time again, travel and teach. I ask myself this question can i really do this for the next 3 years. I know i have to. 🙂

To quench the longing of my heart i listen/watch/meditate on

Realising moment by moment, i am not the doer, enjoy entrepreneurship without the stress.


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  1. Posted by kaushik on August 3, 2009 at 11:05 am

    Hey Pras,
    Great to see the new blog.



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