Ignorance, arrogance, bravery or stupidity or knavity ?

Recently conducted an i nterview for a diploma candidate. He was referred to me by a known person.

The candidate mentioned to us proudly that his percentage was 81% and he had got distinction.My partner started the interview by asking technical questions.  The candidates answers were far from satisfactory and he was nervous.

To help him out, i asked can you tell me/talk to me one concept which you learnt really well and you are confident about.

He replied ” You know i am a fresher, so i will not know anything. So why are you asking me all these questions. Just give me a job i will do that.”

My colleague and i looked at each other, didnt know whether to laugh or not.

But one thing was sure never before or never after will any interviewer ever receive an answer like this.

You decide from the title of the post, what to call the candidates action.



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Shrutika Uchil on March 6, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    This was not the right way for him to answer in an interview, he could have done it better. If he had done enough research about the kind of job you’l are offering to him. as well as he should have rehearsed for himself in order to make himself feel confident about that job. Depending on how much he wanted it.
    By the way the person who is commenting to you on all this stuff i don’t think u can guess who i actually am, anyways i’m shrutika from whitefield remember when u came and took a course here. Well this is all I hope u remember me.
    Hope we see each other again .
    Jai Gurdev!!!


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