Prasanna bond – 007 – Part 1


I would like to thank the students who mug in the last minute, bunk classes, have no idea why they are studying what they are studying for giving me the following experience.

As part of my engineering college lecturer responsiblities, i had to invigilate a couple of internal examinations. Now imagine doing nothing for 1.5  hours.

I also need to balance my role of a invigilator vs giving students a hard time. So i decide to become prasanna bond and play the  game, how many naughty students can i catch. So i enter into surveillance mode and start observing students keenly.


In due course of time i evolved a policy which goes like,

For occasional peeking – i generally ignore.

For repeated occasional peeking – bondometer gets swtiched on, i knock on the table or snap my fingers.

For repeated offendors, i very politely tell them in bond voice, atleast i would like to think so 🙂  “Guys Once more i see you guys doing this, i will take your answer books from you.”

Must say that 95% of students were extremely sincere.

I would encourage you to read part II of  this post. It would be hard hitting truths.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Sandeep Raikar on September 4, 2009 at 9:48 am

    part -2?? sir.


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