Blue makes one feel blue :(

Went for the movie yesterday with lot of excitement. Halfway through it felt like catching my throat and making myself turn blue.

The entire audience am sure were in the following state within minutes of the movie

Blue makes one Blue

Blue makes one Blue

The above is a review of the movie, saw it after i came back from theatre. Differ with the guy only on the following counts.

a) Rahmans score hmmmm below par

b) How come they spend 100 crore for the movie – well would like to attribute that to shooting entire film outside india, atleast 30 % of the movie would be spent on under waters.

One additional comment – First thought Bollywoood was encouraging incest relationships, and promoting it. Looking at sanjay dutt and lara dutta anybody could have mistaken it to be a Father daughter relationship ;). Sanjay dutt better remove his belly, put on a wig, brush his teeth, may be make some machines stretch his muscles ( i meant facial ones :))

Verdict a could have been awesome movie, in turn made every one blue because of poor direction, over acting and pathetic screen play.




2 responses to this post.

  1. Watch Wake Up Sid…Entire soundtrack is Brilliant…and the movie is so fresh and light!

    ~ Ashwani.


  2. Hey nice Title.. Thankfully I didn’t even think of watching the movie in a theater… Got saved from feeling blue..


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