What have i been upto

Played 2 games of cricket, Particpated in 3 games carnivals ( Had awesome fun), took a couple of sessions in Bawas course, been travelling more frequently to ashram :):) [ mind feels so relaxed, so energized], been more involved in seva, suddenly life seems to be perfectly balanced.

Have a big smile on my face as i am typing this post.

Started group sadana in my house, feels so good to get up  at 5:00 AM, students come at 6 and we all do surya namaskars and kriya, meditate till 7:30. Then Q & A till 8. Every day we resolve to apply one course knowledge point.

oops i forgot, i recently used my mind to control minds of 40 people at a distance of say 2-20 meters. I made them do things which i wanted to, obviously for their benefit. Was fascinated by this, had no idea that the human mind could be so powerful, so beware of me :). I recently became a star wars fan and hence now i can say i am a Jedi Knight. If you want to do the same, i can share with you but of course you need to be a yesplus teacher or atleast a jedi padawan or a yesplus volunteer. 🙂

At evobis front, things are looking very positive. Had a very very cute time teaching kids of ACTs school science concepts, through learning by doing approach. Took classes for 6th std, my god these kids are anything but 6th standard. The confidence, attitude the kids exude, every engineering college student must see. They walk, talk, think like they are masters of the universe. Kids were enthusiastic, eager to learn and ready to take on whatever challenge was thrown to them. Iwas suddenly reminded of the other world i live in, engineering college world. On one side i saw these amazing enthusiastic, innocent,fun loving kids and on the other hand absolutely unenthusiastic, perennially stuck in doubt and comfort; not even wanting to have fun, ignorant engineering students. Wish the students realize how much much potential they have. Wish they could see how they were a couple of years back. They have become like : 😉

Grand pas and Grand mas would be definitely more enthusiastic than engineering college students.

Wish they could all go to school any school and just recollect how amazing they were …. If you would like to come and see when i take a session, just let me know. Drop in a mail vprasv@gmail.com or message me at 9243875871



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  1. Posted by Deepak on November 24, 2009 at 9:48 am

    Awesome yaar..

    even these days i m feeling the same..i do group sadhana go to my music(murdamgam ) classes regularly ,sewa ,knowledge ,food,imitating and performing stand up comedy and fun floating in besi beach just wathcing the sky making breath and body lighter and feeling the lightness is really great..
    one big change is i play dholak in satsangs .. 🙂



  2. Posted by amit on November 25, 2009 at 11:20 am



  3. Posted by Manoj on November 26, 2009 at 7:30 am

    gud 2 c u r having gr8 fun…agree with u on the engg vs school comparison front…school vs college…the school kid wins hands down be it learnin be it fun be it nethin…:) many students go thru engg without a clue as 2 y they ever took up the course…case in point – me…:)…but i guess with time one goes on towards doing wat he/she eventually wants 2 do…n hopefully by the time their children go 2 school n thn college they l b determined 2 not let their child make the same mistake as they did..:)


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