Cricket finally !!!

I have been blogging for more than a year, my wordpress stats show 52 posts; i believe i have surprised myself by not posting about cricket.

The sheer thrill of watching sachin bat, with bated breath, increased heart beat, i have been one amongst the billions of Indian fans who prayed that he takes a single and goes to the non striker end. I have also been the guy who the moment sachin got out switched of the TV with dejectment and walked away. After seeing sachins 175 in you tube 😦 ,the urge to play cricket is so great. 1.5 months back i played 2 matches as part of inter department cricket tournament held in college. First match did keeping and bowling, made a cheeky stumping and took a diving catch down the leg. [ i actually dived , the ball got stuck into my glove ;)]. The second match went one down, for the first time i wore a helmet,  it was so uncomfortable. I managed to score 60 odd runs in 35 balls, not bad for a guy who is lean and stands at 5.5 feet. Think i scored 12 – 13 boundaries.

Opponents had scored  110 in 12 overs. I had no idea of our score, i just kept hitting  and scoring runs. In 2 consecutive overs i scored 3 boundaries each. Man i was tired, hands were paining, legs were cramping up. [It feels cool to type the last sentence, as i compare myself with sachins 136 in chepaulk]. Only difference was i had been totally in the field for 24 overs which roughly translated to over 1.5 hrs in nice Cozee bangalore weather. I hit one more four people shouted 50 runs scored, first person to do it in tournament. Then in between overs somebody told me, only 28 runs required in 2 overs, i was like …..what we can actually win it… then the voice said not 28 but 38….. i was like oh my god impossible.

The next 2 overs i scored 9 runs, wasted balls… That one thought had changed the game, my confidence had taken a beating, i had played so freely till then. My mind started playing all its tricks again, you cant do it, you are so tired, dont strain yourself tommorow.

Then when match got over, everybody was raving about my innings but i was hurting inside. The only thought which  kept coming in my mind was “i should have given my 100%”. Two more interesting cricket stories coming up. 🙂

Wish i could play the shot.

By the way guys did you know that sachin had done the Part 1 art of living course just before his 2 magical innings in sharjah against the aussies. I am told he was spoken to for 3 minutes and he decided to do the course immediately. Wish more people were like that. Did any of you see the pummeling of England by south africa in Twenty 20, Loots bosman and Graeme Smith 173 run partnership in 13.1 overs. Can you send me the link.




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  1. Posted by Arun on November 29, 2009 at 9:22 am

    Wow…. Awesome sachin doing part one course…. 🙂

    Prasanna we should have a art of living cricket tournament 😛


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