Finally got what Bawa meant


So much happening in life… really really didnt know what to post.

Attended my friends wedding in chennai, one of those rare times when i make myself visible in a wedding and i was glad i attended it. This is where i got what bawa meant.

Now bawa used to say ” Hats of to you guys !!! How do you manage to live without Kriya “. I didnt get it or rather that it didnt hit me. Yes i practice Sudarshan kriya, meditate daily so i feel lighter, extremly free but the others should be doing fine, i used to think. So i did the following experiment

I thought let me live a life which 99% of the population live, well basically that meant hmmm…

hmm hog hog, run to office, get emotionally attached to the smallest of things, refuse to speak the truth, dont do what you want to do, Live in utter fear, idea of fun is to gossip gossip……hmm so hard to explain this. Well i played along this card.

So i started of by eating twice the amount of food i usually have, ate everything which was served.[ Most youth [guys especially] go to a marriage because of this ]. I actually started this routine the day before in the train. Had coffee with tons and tons of sugar. So in the past 2 days my stomach was quite quite full. Also gossiped, for quite some time….

The consequence of this was, that mind felt so drowsy so drowsy. It was just unbelievably drowsy. My colleagues have at least twice the amount of food i eat. The level of tamas and rajas in them would be atleast square of mine. I was just imagining how much effort they must be putting to get anything done.

In such circumstances it would be easier to climb mount everest than get out of the chair.  The more the mind is filled with dirt [ Yes the food we eat both quantity and quality affects our mind big time ][ The kind of talk we do affects the mind big time ], its impossible for a yes to come out.

The state of such a persons mind is akin to hmmm say a fan wanting to run at speed 2 but the speed controller continuously oscillating between -4 and 4. Imagine what would happen to the fan blades. It would just not be able to do anything.

A person feels stressed when they have to do when their mind is just not in a position to say yes. The mind is not going to say yes when the person is low on energy. So they push, put tremendous effort to get the smallest of things like brushing their teeth,getting out of bed and then say they are doing hard work. Every single task in their life is like this, needs tons and tons of effort.

This unfortunately becomes their reality

Well if you want to get out of bed every day and feel that’s a herculean task be my guest. Please then dont do the yesplus course and definitely dont practise the techniques taught.

I prefer to do tasks effortlessly. :):)


2 responses to this post.

  1. humans have amazing adapting capability. No matter how much rajas or tamas they put into the system. Ignorance is bliss


  2. @ punith.. So right 🙂


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