Prasanna speaks out

I dont even know why i am posting this. Suddenly felt like seeing this post which bawa had put in his blog of my rantings or fiery thoughts. One of those mails, i sent to bawa in utter desperation [of course the fire was extremly high, as i was full time ] It was fuelled by a discussion with one of my acquaintances. Here goes. 🙂

Was facing the same types of questions in the course. Had a discussion with one of my friends who had seen Guruji addressing the muslim fraternity in hyderabad. He asked what is the use of sri sri having dialogue with these people, its pointless. I realized he was extremly closed, so i first asked him are you willing to travel and find out for yourself if the artofliving course techniques work or not. He was not prepared to do that, so then i told him ok atleast do you have a solution for terrorism and the courage to implement the solution. He told me yes he had, i asked him when will he implement it, He replied he will once he settles down in life… i asked him when that would be.. he replied once his problems gets over… ohhhh…..I told him till then u pray that another terrorist attack doesnt happen… oopss… sorry too late already one more in assam.
Bao i think worse than terrorists, corrupt politicians are these INTELLECTUAL IDIOTS who do nothing but sit on their butt and make judgements. Neither will they do anything nor will they join people who have the solution, worse they sit and pass judgements. Its unfortunate that majority of such people are youth… who come from premier institutes of the country. A humble request to all those who read the posts, do not be an intellectual idiot….If you want to do something for the country go ahead and do it, find out how to do it and if you do not know what to do then atleast join those people who have the solution…


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  1. Posted by arpitt on April 7, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    It’s very simple…. those who are talented and already having solution are already in Art of Living………. 🙂
    those who do not have solution, join Art of Living 🙂


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