RCB beating CSK – Had to Happen

My predictions were perfectly right. I am quite happy about it. Look at my earlier post, untested blore middle order was a weakness, dangerous robin, csks middle overs and csks inability to accelerate in overs 7-14 and over reliance on matthew Hayden.

CSK did brilliantly to restrict rcb to 119 in 17 overs. Pressure was really on Robin to accelerate and he was swinging at every delivery. Two times dropping a player like him can cost any team a match and thats what happened to CSK.

About Robin, i am surprised a guy like him has been kept out of the Indian T20 for so long.  Just before the world cup 2007, he made an 80 and i think a 40 against an west indian attack led by jerome taylor and powell.

Its not the scores that matter but the sheer audacity of the shots in the matches. A front foot pull six of a west indian bowling at 140 + km/h is surely a precocious talent. Every body remembers the innings yuvraj played against Australia in t20 semis. But the acceleration was started by Robin who hit two consecutive sixes of Mitchell Johnson, one walking down the track. First match against Pakistan in T20, his innings saved the match  for us. Attitude problems and a temporary loss of form could have lead him to be dropped. RCB’s gain and mumbais loss. Sure shot indian T20 player. Wish he doesnt score against CSK and Mumbai Indians. Both teams whom i am routing for.


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  1. Posted by Vinod on March 24, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    hey 🙂 🙂 RCB’s win…
    BTW, regarding your prediction of the team doing well if they can score well in the 7-14.. How much did RCB’s score in these overs?


    • Posted by vprasv on March 25, 2010 at 5:59 am

      Well RCB didnt score much in these overs, compared to what they scored overall, especially in the last 2. You are taking it out of context. I said the teams which are best equipped to score between 7-14 and restrict bet 7 to 14 will definitely go all the way. RCB was 6 overs 41/0 , 14 overs i think they were 109. Chk with chennai they were big time restricted between 7-14 [they also didnt have a proper start] despite a rampaging hayden.


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