Solutions by yogis are crazy but they work.

For the past 20 days was having severe gastritis, body pain, back pain…bottom line felt horrible.

This in all probablity was due to the physical damage i might have done my body while gymming,playing badminton and basket ball without adequately warming up, and eating @ wrong times in fear of becoming like


Future Professional Image Copyright #vprasv 

During my college days i had thought what could be more ugly than a 5 feet 4 inches guy with a fat belly. (My college mechanical engineering asst. HOD)

Also by mistake i saw the rocky training montage video on youtube …and you know what was happening in the mind..

So basically got inspired & physical body got screwed up.

Ayurveda, Neurotherapy etc was just not helping @rate i would have liked.

A Doctor finally diagonised and said Vitamin B 12 deficiency. Then it started becoming worse, felt giddy for 2 days.

Guruji in ashram, rushed to meet him before satsang and update. Too many loving family buffaloes around..couldnt do it.

Was observing the restless mind during satsang. Failed attempt to Meditate during satsang, went and cribbed to bawa for a couple of mins…

His answer – go meet this doctor and why dont you shave !!! 

Next morning, made full effort to shave..( it generally requires me to meet some top corporate guy to do so) then decided against it and went to the saloon.

Then again went to the ashram, sat in devi pooja, had a heavenly meditation, then sitting in vishala cafe was ripping media people on the assam ethinic cleansing through twitter.[My twitter id is vprasv]

Bawa came and with a big glowing smile ” see arent you feeling better ”

I realized from morning i was in a good shape… no suffering..gave him a big hug..

Treated myself to a nice gobi paratha in Vishala.

Yogis are crazy even crazier.

Slowly steadily becoming one. 🙂

Lots of love


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Shivam on February 6, 2013 at 5:56 am

    Boss, its been a long time ! Its time for your next post !! Waiting for more solutions from the YOGI 🙂 🙂


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