What is Pain ? How to effortlessly deal with it ?

Recently had a fascinating revelation about the title.

Warning the below solution/realization is for meditators only; additional check – meditators with a guru who do seva, satsang and are in knowledge. If you are a Cranio Sacral therapist then you might be able to relate to it.

If you are a regular meditator and follow a book, please dont read below, you will get phenomenally confused.

Our body mind complex is so complex that its tough to really determine where pain originates. My understanding is that pain originates & permeates through several layers of existence.

For example at the level of body – physical pain, level of mind – restlessness, level of feelings – congestion etc etc.

The body mind complex has many parallel subsystems existing in harmony with each other. Each subsystem has a unique rhythm just like the heart has a rhythm of 72 beats/minute.

Your muscles are alive, bones are alive, organs are alive and moving in a rhythm. Additionally their exist several subtle layers, which all have there own unique rhythms.To sum up the the entire body mind complex is full of vibrations.

Now even if one of the subsystems rhythm is affected, then orgin of pain starts. A new set of disharmonious vibrations is experienced.

This is pain. Now if you are a meditator, all you have to do is just take the attention of the mind from experience of the pain to the observation of disharmonious vibration. Watch the vibration.

Allow this disharmonious vibration to settle. If it does in all probability, you are back on track, if it doesnt keep doing it. You are much better experiencing the orgin of the pain, than the pain itself.

This can happens effortlessly when you meditate 🙂

A booking for the Silence program of the Art of Living can open you up to such profound realizations.

My next article is on the various natural ways to heal.

Grateful to my Guru for these realization to dawn on me. I have heard him speak about this so many times, thought i had understood it also, but this knowledge is so fascinating it keeps growing on you.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Prasanna that is a good article and nicely explained….


  2. Posted by NARAYAN on August 24, 2013 at 3:54 pm

    With little more of intro in the beginning, this wud have been amazing ……… Write more bro, Uknow what your blog could sell for Rs.59000 !!!!!!Yeah the fall in rupee has given you the rise. You almost get 200 visitors a month. I am not saying this, its the online data that should up these FACTS

    So Why don’t you spread your seva and gyan around ……
    Looking forward for more from you bro


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