What is Pain ? How to effortlessly deal with it ?

Recently had a fascinating revelation about the title.

Warning the below solution/realization is for meditators only; additional check – meditators with a guru who do seva, satsang and are in knowledge. If you are a Cranio Sacral therapist then you might be able to relate to it.

If you are a regular meditator and follow a book, please dont read below, you will get phenomenally confused.

Our body mind complex is so complex that its tough to really determine where pain originates. My understanding is that pain originates & permeates through several layers of existence.

For example at the level of body – physical pain, level of mind – restlessness, level of feelings – congestion etc etc.

The body mind complex has many parallel subsystems existing in harmony with each other. Each subsystem has a unique rhythm just like the heart has a rhythm of 72 beats/minute.

Your muscles are alive, bones are alive, organs are alive and moving in a rhythm. Additionally their exist several subtle layers, which all have there own unique rhythms.To sum up the the entire body mind complex is full of vibrations.

Now even if one of the subsystems rhythm is affected, then orgin of pain starts. A new set of disharmonious vibrations is experienced.

This is pain. Now if you are a meditator, all you have to do is just take the attention of the mind from experience of the pain to the observation of disharmonious vibration. Watch the vibration.

Allow this disharmonious vibration to settle. If it does in all probability, you are back on track, if it doesnt keep doing it. You are much better experiencing the orgin of the pain, than the pain itself.

This can happens effortlessly when you meditate ūüôā

A booking for the Silence program of the Art of Living can open you up to such profound realizations.

My next article is on the various natural ways to heal.

Grateful to my Guru for these realization to dawn on me. I have heard him speak about this so many times, thought i had understood it also, but this knowledge is so fascinating it keeps growing on you.



Solutions by yogis are crazy but they work.

For the past 20 days was having severe gastritis, body pain, back pain…bottom line felt horrible.

This in all probablity was due to the physical damage i might have done my body while gymming,playing badminton and basket ball without adequately warming up, and eating @ wrong times in fear of becoming like


Future Professional Image Copyright #vprasv 

During my college days i had thought what could be more ugly than a 5 feet 4 inches guy with a fat belly. (My college mechanical engineering asst. HOD)

Also by mistake i saw the rocky training montage video on youtube …and you know what was happening in the mind..

So basically got inspired & physical body got screwed up.

Ayurveda, Neurotherapy etc was just not helping @rate i would have liked.

A Doctor finally diagonised and said Vitamin B 12 deficiency. Then it started becoming worse, felt giddy for 2 days.

Guruji in ashram, rushed to meet him before satsang and update. Too many loving family buffaloes around..couldnt do it.

Was observing the restless mind during satsang. Failed attempt to Meditate during satsang, went and cribbed to bawa for a couple of mins…

His answer Рgo meet this doctor and why dont you shave !!! 

Next morning, made full effort to shave..( it generally requires me to meet some top corporate guy to do so) then decided against it and went to the saloon.

Then again went to the ashram, sat in devi pooja, had a heavenly meditation, then sitting in vishala cafe was ripping media people on the assam ethinic cleansing through twitter.[My twitter id is vprasv]

Bawa came and with a big glowing smile ” see arent you feeling better ”

I realized from morning i was in a good shape… no suffering..gave him a big hug..

Treated myself to a nice gobi paratha in Vishala.

Yogis are crazy ..solutions even crazier.

Slowly steadily becoming one. ūüôā

Lots of love

Amazing Realization

Whatever happens in my life.

Whether i am going to contribute to my country or not.

Whether i am going to become rich or not.

Whether i am going to be successful or not.

I would still do my sadhana seva satsang, be in knowledge.

I would still have a person who would love me unconditionally…what more do i need.

Isnt it true for all of us…


Dear alll do come….wish, bless and enjoy…:)

What a Video

I was bowled over by watching this video. Wish the media could highlight the countless people in india who strive to work for the country, who understand the ethos of the country.Just too proud to be an Indian.

Super sattva month

In the past two weeks have experienced unbelievable heights of bliss, such beautiful moments of tears of joy. It started of with Rishi nitya pragyas satsang in blore. I was on the verge of getting bored with satsangs [ including ashram satsangs], thank god i attended his. It was a satsang like never before, got so inspired to put the effort to become a satsang singer. What amazed me was rishiji sang so effortlessly and had such amazing modulations. I have seen people say that the voice should come all the way from stomach. His was coming all the way from 10 feet underground. After satsang we suddenly decided to go to the airport to see the coolest guy on the planet.

In airport at 1:00, was not at all surprised to see a bunch of familiar faces waiting for guruji. After exchange of¬†pleasantries¬†we waited with hearts full. As he came out, a breeze of calmness swept the place. I was expecting people to go crazy [as i have always seen], there was the initial cry ….Guruuujiiiiiii but then followed by calmness. Every body gave way for each other [yup its not a fairy tale, yes it happened, people were calm, wished guruji and then politely went there way]. I too wanted to say a couple of words, but then just watched him silently, tears rolled down, extremly satisfied came back home. Then started the trips to the ashram.

“I search for a suitable image on the net which could best describe my sheer feeling of bliss, nothing came close”

Everyday going to ashram has been  a memorable experience, seeing guruji everyday, listening to ashtavakra gita discourse that too in the physical presence of master is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The energy in the yagnashala in the ashram is so unbelievably high, every day is like the last day of navaratiri. As i soak in bliss [Sheer Bliss]  i think about all those people who have attended the yesplus course i have thought and who are not here with me. I miss them, feel sorry for them. Wish they could also get this knowledge. The only thing i knew was to hold onto my teachers little finger, just be with him, listen to whatever he says. At some level a complex is slowly starting to creep in, am i not being an effective teacher. A kind of feverishness arises, need to make myself stronger, more contented, make my presence stronger. As i type this i realise this itself is the cause of feverishness.

It would be good if i can find the middle path here. Making myself stronger without the feverishness. ūüôā

If you are in bangalore then do come to ashram daily. The discourse is open to all, you must be assembled by 7:15 at yagnashala. It gets over at 9 and you can be back home by 10.


CSK vs DC – 2nd semi final !!!!


Was extremly happy to see the team selection of mumbai indians. It was almost like i had read sachins mind or he had read my blog. Chk the earlier post


I am extremly emotionally attached to chennai, hence a slightly biased post.

Now for todays match, csk should win but with symonds, gilchrist and rohit sharma its going to be a tall order. The biggest concern for csk would be  that gilchrist has not yet fired. Considering the kind of turn and bounce yesterdays pitch had i would go in with the following eleven for CSK. I would play murali, ashwin and jakati and bollinger. Albie morkel ,Mathew hayden would be my other overseas choices. Might consider dropping bollinger for Mike hussey or justin kemp. So the eleven would/could  be,

Murali Vijay, Matthew Hayden, Raina, Dhoni, Badrinath, albie morkel, justin kemp/bollinger, joginder sharma, Ashwin, Murali, Jakati. I will look to strengthen csks wicket taking options. Not many of you would know that joginder is an excellent hitter of the cricket ball and useful seam bowler. At some level the team looks unsettled, neither does the batting look inspiring [except raina and badri others are yet to fire consistently], nor does the bowling line up.

As i am typing this mail, i would go with bollinger ahead of justin kemp and retain murali in the side.

Heart says CSK, but i rate symonds and rohit sharma so highly and expect the one whirlwind knock from gilchrist that head says Deccan chargers. Dhoni work out your captain cool magic.


After typing the above post, i was quite dissatisfied with the composition of the csk team. Hence had a look at csks squad and saw this international discard hemand badani in the squad. Now with new alterations here is the eleven i would like csk to play with.

Dhonis dillema would be strengthen batting or strengthen bowling. I would back my 6 batsmen and strengthen csk bowling. Hence both bollinger and murali would play. For ensuring no chinks in the batting are there i would include badani.

Murali Vijay, Matthew Hayden, Raina, Dhoni, Badrinath, albie morkel, bollinger, joginder sharma/hemang badani, Ashwin, Murali, Jakati. Will open with ashwin and bollinger. First change albie and murali.